Too often, politicians forget why they’re elected. Instead, they put their own interests ahead of the interests of their constituents. My personal promise is that I will never choose political expediency ahead of what is best for the people of our district. I will work tirelessly to promote innovative ideas, as well as solutions to the issues that affect our district the most. I’m ready and excited to be your voice!


  • Economic Growth: One of my top priorities will be to create new jobs, opportunities, and prosperity for everyone in the district. For America to have the ability to create jobs and succeed in an ever-changing society, we must be willing to support our local businesses and companies, while making our area appealing for new investors and entrepreneurs. Simple, strategic changes can make our district flourish, such as implementing legislation that allows all new businesses to defer payroll taxes for their first year if they hire locally. The extra costs are often cited by business owners as the biggest deterrent for hiring employees. For example, if an employer hires an employee, on average, that employer will pay 18%-26% more than the employee’s salary in payroll taxes. We need to encourage hiring, defer these taxes, and allow employers to invest in their companies.


  • Labor: Fighting for the collective bargaining rights of union workers is one of my highest priorities. We must be willing to crack down on fraud, support progressive legislation which increases community and group projects, as well as, address the Cadillac tax. 


  • Healthcare: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been successful in bringing affordable healthcare to millions of Americans. While we've made tremendous progress, we must be willing to fix the ACA in order to bring down health care costs and to further the goal of providing universal coverage for all Americans. 


  • Education: With rapid expansion in advanced manufacturing, life sciences, clean energy, and health care, we need to have an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in our school systems. STEM is essential to ensuring our students are prepared for the future and ready to compete and excel in a global workforce. We must also be willing to fight and protect our college students from crushing debt, with the first step to doing so being a lower cap on both government and private student loan interest rates.


  • Criminal Justice Reform: As the son of a police officer, and as a former Prosecutor, criminal justice reform is an area of great interest for my campaign. While I support effective crime prevention measures to keep our families and communities safe, mandatory minimum prison sentences interfere with judicial authority and limit the ability of courts to take into consideration the specific circumstances of an individual. I look forward to addressing these issues, among many others, while working to uphold the constitutional rights afforded to every individual.


  • Environment: The science is clear, global warming exists and is an issue which needs our immediate attention. We must be willing to promote legislation which counters the effects of climate change and protects our natural resources. 


  • Opioid Epidemic: I have known and have represented countless families and individuals devastated by this horrendous epidemic. In order to effectively combat this problem, we must treat addiction from a mental, as well as, from a physical perspective. We must then be willing to make additional resources available post treatment as recovery is an ongoing process. I look forward to addressing these concerns and problems which have devastated the OH-2nd. 

Over the next 13 months, I will roll out individual plans for issues which matter most to our district. We will never be a campaign that hides behind generalized rhetoric in hopes of “making it to the end.” I’m here to challenge ideas, pre-conceived notions, and the status quo, because that is how you effect change.  I look forward to discussing these issues with all of you.